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Welcome to the official site of JKSA (Jorhat Karbi Student Association). JKSA is the association formed by the karbi students studying in different educational instutes of Jorhat, Assam. It was formed in the year 1995 with afew member of students and within few years the number of students studying in different institutes increased and their active participations has let to the successful completion of program. The main motive of the association is the practise of unity and maintaining culture of the karbis. The students get together every year to welcome new students and appreciate their stay away from home at jorhat. Since its establishment it has been making contineous effort to unite the students and bring the sense of oneness among the karbi students. The union also keeps in contact with other regional students' union, so as to share information and all valuable suggestion for the betterment of the union. The annual magazine "SER ALOTI" is released by the union publishing its annual reports on the successful events and participation of its members.

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